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Title: Learning to Forgive
Author: lesyeuxverts
Word Count: 328
Rating: PG-13
Characters: McCoy, Pike, Kirk
Prompt: resolving to forgive
Warnings: angsty angst
Disclaimer: Not mine.

Space may be full of dangers, but Leonard is learning a more important thing - space is cold. Thermal energy doesn't last long in a vacuum. You need a ship or a well-insulated suit to stay warm, out there. When a man's a captain of a starship, he needs his own ship.

On his nights on the ward, he looks the other way when the nurses turn up the heat. When he notices the supply of blankets has run low, he orders more. When he sees Admiral Pike in his hoverchair, shivering in the shadows, he doesn't say anything - it's not his place.

They wouldn't have left him there. Couldn't have, wouldn't have - direct orders or not, it doesn't mean much to Jim Kirk. That's the other thing that Leonard has learned to count on, just as much as he counts on the dangers of space.

Doesn't mean Pike can forgive them for being so slow to come to get him - oh, he knows they came when he could, but that's with his head that he knows. It also doesn't mean Jim can forgive himself, or that Leonard doesn't blame himself for the surgeries that weren't successful.

Leonard's done his best, and that's all any man or doctor can do. Pike might walk again someday. He might be able to stand being in an empty room - he might know what it's like to be warm again.

It was the slug, the Romulan torture. It wasn't the cold Pike was threatened with, but it doesn't have to make any sense, the demons that haunt a man. He didn't have his ship when it counted, and that's as bad as being blasted out into the vacuum, into the cold.

Leonard doesn't say anything, but when a room on the sunny side of the ward is vacant, he makes sure Pike gets priority. If that's all he can do, maybe someday he can learn to forgive himself.

Title: Of Sexy Librarians, Locked Doors, Sandwiches, Gay Bars, and Plant Metaphors
Author: lesyeuxverts
Word Count: 823
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy (side mentions of Spock/Uhura and Sulu/Chekov)
Prompt: the entire crew resolves to get Jim and Bones together
Warnings: Oh noes, a dreaded five things fic!
Disclaimer: Not mine.

1. With Nyota's help, Spock is able to persuade the captain that a recreational reading group would be beneficial for crew morale. Kirk insists on calling it the Sexy Librarians Club, but Spock is able to find a regulation prohibiting the use of any sexual terms to describe official shipboard activities.

Furthermore, after Spock tells him that Doctor McCoy has a keen interest in literature and will be taking an active part in the club, Kirk is the first to sign up.

Spock recruits Doctor McCoy by telling him that the captain will be participating and that it is requisite that a senior officer is present to limit the amount of mayhem that Kirk wreaks on the doe-eyed ensigns that will be cooing over Mr. Darcy.

2. Pavel isn't sure why everyone thinks that he's innocent, but he's seen the gazes that the Captain and Doctor McCoy give each other. It isn't that he's ignorant - sex was invented in Russia, after all, and Pavel knows all about it. Has volunteered to teach Sulu about it, too, but that's another story.

At any rate, he's pretty sure that the captain and the doctor don't have enough time for it, and that's why the captain is always staring and the doctor's always grumpy. It's a matter of moments, really, to hack into the ship's systems and lock the doors when both of them are on the observation deck. He's pretty sure they'll thank him for it, but he doesn't stay around to see the aftermath. That's private, after all, and anyhow, Hikaru had volunteered to show him some orchids.

3. Once he's pried himself away from the Enterprise's ample nacelles, Scotty manages to program some new sandwich recipes into the food synthesizers. He leaves a note with the codes for Kirk and McCoy - they both seem like men who would appreciate a good sandwich.

4. There are things that Nyota will admit after a few drinks, and one of them is that Jim Kirk isn't a completely reprehensible human being. He's more than decent when he's in Doctor McCoy's presence, but she's pretty sure - contrary to ship's rumors - that they aren't actually an item. McCoy isn't the sort to tolerate the captain's casual flirting.

She'd helped Spock with the book club, but nothing had happened, apart from seeing the sparks fly when Kirk and McCoy couldn't agree on whether Wickham was just a little wicked or truly reprehensible. It's going to take more than that, she reckons, so when they next had shore leave on a suitable planet, she does a bit of research and then blithely recommends the best gay bar to Kirk, and makes sure that he doesn't realize the nature of the establishment before he takes McCoy there for a drink.

5. There are plant metaphors - those are easy, because plants are more or less having sex constantly. There are flight metaphors that are easy to slip into conversation, which is also easy because Hikaru's the pilot, after all, and what else is he supposed to talk about?

The unfortunate truth, though, is that the captain's eyes glaze over when Hikaru talks about plants. He pretended to be interested one time, when Hikaru was talking about the velvet petals of the greater Denobian orchid, but he stopped paying attention after Hikaru told him that it was pollinated by a hummingbird.

Captain Kirk's more likely to pay attention to flight metaphors, and will listen to Hikaru talk about shuttles docking and entering landing bays, but that's when Doctor McCoy tunes out, muttering that he's a doctor and not a starship pilot.

0. Jim raises his glass, clinking it against Bones's, and sighs as he sinks back into his seat. He sloshes back half the drink in one gulp. "It's been a good trip out so far, hasn't it?"

"Damned if some of the crew aren't acting a bit peculiar, though," Bones says. "Yesterday Spock told me something odd about the mating habits of-"

"Well, they wouldn't be my crew if they were normal, would they?"

"There's no denying that."

Jim gives him a look, but Bones just laughs and tops off his glass. "Morale's high, at least."

"As it tends to be when I don't have a hypospray-happy doctor gunning for my neck." Jim rubs the part of his anatomy in question, giving Bones an injured look. As usual, it doesn't work – he's pretty sure that Bones has whipped up a vaccine against the patented James Tiberius Kirk charm.

"That's just your morale, Jim, not the crew's. I'm pretty sure they like to see–"

"Yeah, yeah, stuff it." Jim gripes at Bones, who gripes straight back at him, and neither of them can keep a smile off their face. Later, he'll pull Bones close for a kiss and remind him that space is full of more than just disease and danger, but for now, this is enough.


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