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Eeep. Anyone around and up for a super-speedy beta? Star Trek XI, Kirk/Spock, ~1.5k ...

*flutters eyelashes* Please? <3
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...errr. Anyone enjoying the holiday weekend enough to want to do some beta work for me? You need a break from eggnog and Christmas shopping, riiight? *puppy dog eyes*

These are the things wot I might need a teensy bit of help with:

1. a Kirk/Spock
2. a Remus/Sirius
3. a Sheldon/Leonard

Umm, so these are all for fests, except #3, so I can't give tons of details, but they're like, not at all scary, really. Nothing terribly squicky or sad or scary or anything. I can e-mail you details if you wants them.

Also, there is something that I am midway through writing (well. Not midway. but started, at least) and could use some cheerleading help on. If anyone is extra specially helpful, and wants to have capslocky chat conversations with me. Because capslock is love, and you know, I just need someone to help me focus on ficcage instead of pumpkin cheesecake.

Pleeeeeease? I will <3 you forever!
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Ah ... anybody willing to beta Kirk/Spock for me? I seem to have gotten in over my head at [profile] st_xi_kink and umm ... I'll give you cookies if you smack me over the head and help me finish this crazy thing?

I need help with brainstorming/consistency/canon/tying my own shoes ... but fortunately I'm not wearing shoes with laces, so you're safe until winter, as far as that goes. :)

I know, I know, I am just too needy, but ... *puppy dog eyes*?
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I need a concrit-y beta for my HD Hols fic ... more along the lines of substance than commas, if you know what I mean. Do the scenes flow well, should there be more of them, does everything make sense, should I completely axe this scene or that character or whatever?

It's obviously H/D ... I don't want to give away the kinks/squicks because that would be telling, but comment or e-mail me if you'd be willing to do it and then I'll try to warn you away. :)

ETA: Taken care of, thanks!
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Does anyone have time for a super-super-quick beta? I have to warn you, it is a cross-gen pairing (not saying which, as it's a gift for someone), and it's kind of filthy. :P

By kind of, I mean very. It's not the sort of thing I could ever read out loud. I had to drink rum in order to write it without blushing, LOL. Whoops. :)

Oh! Also, I need a beta for something else - a short porny Snarry. That one's not as time-sensitive ... by Friday would be awesome, really. Not quite as filthy, but it's DH-compliant and kind of angsty, so it might not be to everyone's taste.

*makes puppy-dog eyes at flist* .... Pretty please? I'll love you forever!

Sorted, thank you so much! :)
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Whoops ... between helping my post-doc, talking to my boss, and doing my own experiments, I totally skipped lunch. Bad for my body and my metabolism, I know. :/ Totally not the way I want to be dieting, either. I will do better tomorrow, if only because I *have* to eat lunch at lab meeting, lol!

Also, I realized this morning in a visceral way - i.e., when my head started aching - that I am totally addicted to caffeine. It didn't come as a revelation to any of my coworkers, though. Hmm... perhaps that is a sign, too. I don't know - if recognizing that you have a problem is the first step to fixing it, I might want to take back that realization. I'm quite happy with my caffeine addiction, really. Coffee is fun. :D

I totally forgot to pimp the [insanejournal.com profile] fall_fantasia masterlist yesterday, but here it is! [insanejournal.com profile] celandineb wrote the very very VERY awesome Percy/Scorpius fic The Best for me, and I ended up writing for her, too ... Between Dreams and Reality, Harry/Draco/Snape. It was an awesome fest and so you should totally check out the masterlist and all the great stories there.

Anyhow. The point of all this rambling, before I got started, was to ask for a beta for my September [insanejournal.com profile] daily_deviant fic. It's been through a couple betas already, but I think it needs some more. It's a DH-compliant Snarry, no real warnings I guess, except for religious themes, if those need warnings. Priest!Snape ... anybody? Pretty please?

My spin is almost up so I need to get back to my bench, but ... *smooches to all* Have a good day!
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Yes, I have a crazy to-do list and yes, I'm trying to do too much and yes, I'm super, super late ... but please, I need a last-minute beta for my [insanejournal.com profile] wizard_love fic! It's been through two betas already, but I'm very needy and want a third opinion to help polish it off.

I can't exactly say anything specific about it here, but it IS het, and there ARE warnings, and it IS smutty, so if any of those things bother you, you might want to start running in the opposite direction. *g*

I know it's super-last-minute notice and not much time to look at it, but I'll be ever-so-desperately-grateful to anyone who has time to look it over!

ETA: Sorted, thanks!


Dec. 30th, 2007 03:21 am
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Anyone still awake? hehe :)

Quick beta on a Drarry, about 1.4k and fluffy, R/NC-17ish?

*hugs and runs off to write more last-minute drabbles* :)

ETA: Sorted, thanks!
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On a pinch hit for [insanejournal.com profile] hp_holidaygen ... so, obviously sekret, and obviously gen, and also due like ... yesterday. It's about 6k, DH spoilers but nothing terribly squicky or dreadful ... although it might need some serious help with coherency and canon and whatnot.
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Okay, insert blonde joke here ...

Errr ... so in the excitement of NaNo, I managed to forget about some of the fests that I signed up for ... thanks, Ro, for reminding me! I think I need a spreadsheet to keep track of my own fest submissions, let alone everyone else's.

Anyhow, the fic is finished but I have no idea if I've ever sent it to a beta ... if I've sent it to you, can you let me know?

Alternatively, if I haven't sent it to anyone, is there anyone who can take a look at it?

*feels very blonde*

Help? I need my brain back for NaNo!


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