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I meant to post these weekly, but then Yuletide ate my brain, and ... what do you mean, it isn't the second week of December still?

Usual disclaimer applies - I am still majorly behind in reading for many of these fests, but here's what I especially liked out of what I've read so far!

Best Mates XMas )

Happy Trekmas )

HD Holidays )

HP Holidaygen )

Kinky Kristmas )

K/S Advent Calendar )

RS Small Gifts )

Smutty Claus )

Snapelyholidays )

Snupin Santa )

Yule Balls )

As always, do please let the creators of these works know if you've enjoyed them ... and if there's anything fabulous that I've missed, do please let me know about that! :)
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(because they are For Me, and they are Awesome)

Veiled Science (Sirius/Teddy/Victoire, NC-17, warnings): (Okay, this is hard. I want to flail and glee and grin all over the place, but I also don't want to give away any spoilers ... ack! Bear with me, please!) This is a Really Smart Fic that is (maybe at First Glance) a plot-what-plot fic, but even the most cursory reading of it will make you think Deep Thinky Thoughts about life and death and the afterworld and What-Exactly-Is-Behind-That-Veil-Anyway. And one of those Really Smart Fics that do an amazing job of characterization via seeming plot-what-plot, and the characterization is amazing.

Also, it is Really Hot. Did you see me mention the plot-what-plot bit? Like I said, it is not exactly that, but there is a lot of Things What Maybe Should Be Happening In Bed (or not in bed, as the case may be. But if there was a bed, that would be okay, too.) Really Hot, all right? So mind the warnings, since there are some, and maybe you shouldn't read this if you don't like the warnings (although, you know, it is meant to be Kinky Kristmas, right? So maybe you will like this, Dear Reader! Because - like I said - it is Awesome.)

Persuasion (Pike/Spock, R): Okay, so there are Many Excellent Reasons why you might think of a Jane Austen novel upon reading the title of this fic. (I mean, there are ships and starships, and the title is the same, and all that...) But fortunately, Spock is not A Very Persuadable Silly Girl, the way Anne rather was, and he doesn't let anyone muck up his life for seven years. Because that would be Quite Tragic, and we would have missed out on all the Wonderfulness that happens in this fic.

This is like, perfect Spock. He's clearly alien - and watching Chris figure that out is delightful - and trying to understand human customs, and through it all, he's beautifully characterized. And he and Chris are perfect, the way they come together in this. This is My Sort Of Romance, really, because it is not-too-sappy and not-too-sad, and passes all the other tests that Goldilocks would go through before determining that it is Just Right For Her. (Although ... really, Goldilocks? Too hot? I'm not sure there is such a thing...)

Go! Read! Make the holidays merry and read a lovely story ... and make the authors happy by leaving them a comment! :D
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By the time I had got home and had some dinner, I was feeling better enough to tackle the recs post that I'd been meaning to make! (Comment porn later, when I'm feeling poorly again - thanks for the prompts, guys! <3)

Fest season has been a blast, even though it's been a little challenging to keep up with it all! Here's my recs so far ... keep in mind that I'm not necessarily caught up with every fest just now, so this is not necessarily complete.

Best Mates Xmas )

HP Holiday Gen )

HD Holidays )

RS Small Gifts )

Smutty Claus )

Snupin Santa )

Snapelyholidays )

Yule Balls )
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Sad days=Snarry Games posting is over :( ... But, happy days because there's still plenty of time to read/view/comment/vote! :)

The mods have a fabulous organizedy masterlist, or you can browse through the recaps, or you can just go through the whole fest from start to end (or end to start). Which is what I did yesterday, being a sad thing who was home sick instead of having fun with recombinant DNA at work. Woe. :(

I think this cold medicine is making me kind of funny, lol. But even if you don't have a sick day or any Dayquil, you should still go read over at [community profile] snarry_games! Here are some of the stories that I particularly enjoyed, but you should check out all the rest, too!

Anachronism by [profile] starcrossedkayla - a really fabulous story with an incredible, creative twist

Bits and Pieces (of Harry's Life, Post-Happily Ever After) by [personal profile] ziasudra - brilliant story with a great creative twist

By Sulfur and Salt by [personal profile] elfwreck - truly haunting, the kind of story that stays with you for a long time afterwards

Death and the Open Mind by [profile] loupgarou1750 - stunningly brilliant premise, hot sex, and a perfectly ending!

Everything He Ever Wanted by [personal profile] bethbethbeth - a wonderful and very creative story

Harry Potter and His Incredible, Dumb Luck! by [personal profile] eeyore9990 - a thoroughly enjoyable romp

Sex, Lies, and Audiobooks by [personal profile] joanwilder - a masterful story with a perfect ending – thoroughly enjoyable

Sine Qua Non by [personal profile] dracofiend - such a satisfying love story! My only complaint is that it was over so soon … I could have happily read another 500,000 words of this one. :)

Sing a Mad Rebellion by [personal profile] femmequixotic - Guh. An absolutely, absolutely, ABSOLUTELY brilliant story.

The Fourth Deathly Hallow by [personal profile] gingertart50 - an enthralling mystery, and Harry and Snape are just so perfect together here.

The Betrothal Contract by [personal profile] leela_cat - fabulous courtship story

The Snidget by [personal profile] sinick and [profile] ac1d6urn - absolutely no-holds-barred brilliant! A brilliant, creative, funny, lovely story that's really a must-read. :)

The Unexpected Bride by [personal profile] ze_dragon - such a great romance and a really awesome story!

Timely Actions by [personal profile] psyfic - a brilliant and very clever fic :)

Check headers for ratings/warnings/etc, of course, I'm afraid I didn't think to c&p everything, and please forgive the funky DW user-name symbols, because I haven't figured out how to fix that either... but anyhow, do run over to [community profile] snarry_games right now and enjoy! :D
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...perhaps I have been depleted for it. /geeky genetics jokes

But hey, everybody laughed at the "joke" I made during my Big Presentation, and I survived, and all's well that ends well, even nerdy scientist humor. *g*

At any rate, now that the real life busy-ness has died down, I have (a teensy bit of) time for fandom again! And now [insanejournal.com profile] snarry_swap has posted its masterlist, and I have been so deficient in squee that I failed to exhort you all to run and see my beautiful gift!

It's called Streetlamp, and it was drawn by [insanejournal.com profile] majmunka for me, based on a series of drabbles that I once wrote, and it is entirely lovely! (There are warnings for crossdressing and public sex, so you may want to wait to click later if you're at work.)

Harry and Severus are both lovely here - the expression on Harry's face, goodness! This is one of the instances where a picture's worth a thousand words. :) I don't know any of the technical arty terms for describing this, but it is absolutely lovely and I do hope you'll all go and look at it, and give the artist some love!

I am late with my squeeing over this, but I am truly, truly, truly thrilled. No one's ever done fanart based on any of my writing before, and let me tell you - it's an entirely fabulous feeling! :D
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Usual reccing disclaimer about how these are fics that I enjoyed, out of the pairings I'm willing to read on any given day, your mileage may vary, no returns reimbursements refunds or anything else! :D

In no particular order:

The Dragon and the Pygmy Puff (Harry/Charlie, NC-17)

The Fisher King (Percy/Moody, NC-17)

Old Dog, New Trick (Charlie/Teddy, NC-17)

Comes Great Power (Snape/Harry, R)

Until We Meet Again (Harry/Teddy, NC-17)

Bred in Captivity (Harry/Snape, NC-17)

Wild Sphinx Chase (Harry/Ron, R)

Other Realms (James Potter/Sirius Black, Minerva McGonagall/Pomona Sprout, Madam Rosmerta/Dorcas Meadowes, Severus Snape/Regulus Black, NC-17)

Interrupting Fate (Snape/Draco, NC-17)

Christmas in Cornwall (Harry/Viktor/Ron, NC-17)
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In addition to the usual reccing disclaimer of these being the stories that I personally like, your mileage may vary, no refunds returns or exchanges, these recs are from Yuletide! So they come to you only from the fandoms that I'm familiar with - I'm sure I missed a lot of great stories just because I don't know the canon behind them.

On to the recs ... Yuletide! )

Yes, I have in fact spent most of the past two days reading. *g* There are a lot of brilliant stories over at Yuletide, and I hope that you get a chance to check some of them out.

And one more thing, gacked from [insanejournal.com profile] celandineb:

I will commit teenyfic for you, if you correctly guess what yuletide fic I wrote - there was only one.

If you know because I told you, those guesses don't count, of course. *g*
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In all of the in-between times - between dinner and coffee&pie, or between cleaning the table and being nice to your sibling one more time, or between breakfast and presents - in one of the in-between times this holiday, you simply must make time to read my [insanejournal.com profile] snapelyholidays gift!

Under Any Other Circumstances (Snape/Harry, NC-17)

It's a quick read, I promise, about 6k and lovely, and you won't regret taking time out of your holiday (or after your holiday) to read it. It's SO sweet ... just the sort of thing to give you a bit of Snarry Christmas cheer and happily-ever-aftering! So sweet!

Go read! And have a very happy Christmas!

*loves the f-list ... hugs and squishes!*


Dec. 20th, 2008 01:13 pm
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ZOMG, you guys, GO READ THIS!

One of my [insanejournal.com profile] daily_deviant prompts (Severus/Teddy, caroling, courtship) was claimed! And [insanejournal.com profile] littleblackbow did an absolutely fabulous job with it - Teddy has a perfect voice, Severus is so fricking perfect that I'm ready to fall in love with him myself (guh, that prickly-snarky-aloofness gradually yielding as he lets Teddy in ... omg) - it is just all around perfect, and hours after reading it, I'm still freaking incoherent because I love it so much. SEVERUS/TEDDY. OMG. :D :D :D

Go! Read!

A Journal Entry From Salem_Wolf_999 (Severus/Teddy, NC-17)

omg la;ksjdfl;adslf;asdj;asdjkla;dsklja;dskfadsfkjdfkdsfjsk :D :D :D
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I know it's very hard to decide what to read during fest season - I already have a good ten saved to read later, and at this rate, I'll have reading material enough to last me all summer - but nonetheless, I think that you should all read my fic, because it's just lovely. *beams*

Learning to Breathe (Harry/Draco, with epilogue-compliant pairings and infidelity)

It's a lovely long plotty story that shows the development of Harry and Draco's relationship during those years that are missing from canon - and does a brilliant job of it. For anyone who's hesitant about reading an infidelity fic, let me tell you - the author certainly doesn't pull her punches, it's harsh and realistic and amazing, but *cough**spoilers*there is a lovely happy ending, so you can read it without fear! *cough*

Furthermore, if there's anyone out there who thinks that Teddy is just as cute and squishable as a button -- as I do -- they should definitely read this fic. He has several adorable cameos, and I'm so thrilled by that, it's ridiculous! <333
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Thank you all for the good wishes - I had a completely fabulous birthday! In addition to the Labor Day fandomy barbeque and party the day before ... I had cake&ice cream for breakfast, my coworkers bought me beer (Blue Moon, <3), my roommates and I went out for dinner (this place with AWESOME nachos), and then we watched a movie together (Drop Dead Gorgeous). [insanejournal.com profile] nqdonne bought me a cake from Finale and (after we'd finished off the Pimms and the other drinky drinks we had), mixed me a Galliano (SO good, OMG!).

In addition to the yummy food and drink, there was also fandom awesomeness:

[insanejournal.com profile] angela_snape wrote Initiation (Snape/Bill, R and soooo very hot) for me;

[insanejournal.com profile] alisanne wrote Test Kisses (Drapery, my OT3, eeee! and delightfully NC-17);

and [insanejournal.com profile] nqdonne posted her Percy/Teddy, Percy/Harry fic The Prime of Mister Percy Weasley (soooo NC-17 and delightfully porny) in honor of my birthday! Check the warnings, because Teddy's underage, but ... omg! Such a great fic, you really must hurry to read it!

Continuing with the cross-gen goodness, my [insanejournal.com profile] fall_fantasia gift was posted! The Best (Percy/Scorpius, R) ... and it is really awesome! Scorpius is just delightful and Percy's perfect, and just ... guh! It's amazing!

So yes ... thank you all SO MUCH for making my birthday wonderful! (Especially those of you who assured me that I can be 25 for AS LONG AS I WANT, heee!)


Mar. 2nd, 2008 08:30 pm
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Now that I have regained some small measure of coherency, I return to you with a rec: For Blood and Wine are Red (Albus/Gellert, NC-17. Summary: It's not that Albus doesn't know better.)

This was my gift from [insanejournal.com profile] hp_springsmut, and it is amazingly, unbelievably, freaking perfect. It reads the way that canon would read if JKR was a better writer *cough*I didn't say that*cough*. The characterization, the setting, the plot and the writing - it's completely perfect all the way through.

cut for plot spoilers )

I'm absolutely dying to know who wrote this for me ... one of you, dear flist? I think that the author must have known me very well in order to write something THIS perfect for me!
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[insanejournal.com profile] hp_springsmut has started posting, and [insanejournal.com profile] wizard_love is posting, so check out those fests ... lots of wonderful fics and arts!

[insanejournal.com profile] hpvalensmut is over and posting their masterlist soon, so here are some recs. If you haven't had time to follow the fest so far, these might be a good place to start ... of course, there are lots of other wonderful places to start, these are just a few that I especially liked.

Merrily We Roll Along (Percy/Harry, canon pairings, Percy/Anthony Goldstein; NC-17)
Summary: How did you get here from there? (What happened to Percy and Harry in those lost nineteen years.)
Masterfully told – the Percy/Harry is vivid and angsty and heart-breaking, and the passage of time, the rough dynamic between them, the brilliant structure of the story, it all works so well.

The Running of the Deer (Snape/Harry, NC-17)
Summary: Harry's daughter goes in search of a ghost and Harry yearns to run with the deer. It appears that even after nineteen years, Snape is still watching over him and his family.
One of those perfect post-DH Snarry stories that makes everything all right, even the epilogue. An entirely plausible post-war Snape and Harry, a brilliant way to bring them together, and there are so many other things to love about this story, too.

Three's Not Always a Crowd (Harry/Severus, Harry/Bill/Severus, NC-17)
Summary: Bill’s got his eyes on Severus. And Harry’s got a plan.
A very hot threesome, written just for me! (already recced over here)

The Back Room (Remus/Bill, NC-17)
Summary: It's two days before the start of term and Remus finds himself alone in Flourish and Blotts. Alone with a bunch of screaming children all needing their textbooks. Enter Bill Weasley, knight in slightly rusty armor.
Bill makes a fabulous knight in shining armor, and Remus is adorably dense … and the scene in the alley is amazingly hot.

Sexetera, Ad Infinitum (Percy/Harry, with minor implied pairings, including Percy/Kingsley, Percy/Draco, Percy/Oliver, Percy/Remus, Percy/Snape, Percy/Charlie, Percy/others, NC-17)
Summary: There's loving routine, and being stuck repeating the same one over and over for eternity.
Percy is incredibly sexy … hard to imagine based on canon!Percy, I know, but there's just something about peeling away all the layers and the repression that does it … Here, he's got a very good reason for doing that, and an even better reason to settle down a little in the end. Sweet and hot and lovely.

Necessary Supplies (Remus/Sirius, NC-17)
Summary: In which James Potter is a menace, there is a problem with the plan, and a misunderstanding results in awkwardness and boyfumbling.
Lovely glimpse of what the Marauders might have been like, and the misunderstanding and fumbling between Remus and Sirius is just awesome. The scene in the broom cupboard is really awesome, too.

An Exercise in Holding Hands (Harry/Neville (mentions of Neville/Hannah and Dean/Ginny), R)
Summary: There's a weight on your shoulders, heavy and unrelenting, bearing down upon you until you gasp and collapse and can't breathe. Moving on is easy. Except when it isn't.
Beautifully told story … vivid and gripping nightmares, just the sort that you'd expect Harry to have when it's all said and done, and Neville is perfectly IC: competent at what he does and brave when the situation calls for it. An absolutely perfect ending.

Increments (Harry/Charlie, NC-17)
Illustration for [insanejournal.com profile] florahart's story Increments of One - hot and lovely and perfect.

As Schoolboys From Their Books (Dumbledore/Grindelwald, NC-17)
Summary: Expelled Durmstrang student and former Hogwarts Head Boy form unlikely friendship. Hijinx of the sexy variety ensue.
A really brilliant and moving depiction of what the relationship between Albus and Gellert might have been like … perfect characterization, hot fumbling, and a beautiful heart-wrenching story.

There are lots of wonderful fics and art, both at Valensmut and the other fests going on now. All of the authors and artists worked hard on them ... so if you enjoy their work, go ahead and give them some love! <3
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Seriously, what a fabulous start to the new year. Maybe it will continue as it's begun? :D

To Unstopper Time at [insanejournal.com profile] hp_holidaygen (Severus, Harry, Lily, PG-13) ... it is completely fabulous! I don't think that I can say very much about it without giving away key plot points and spoiling the amazing ending, but you really must read it. Severus and Harry and Lily ... they're all perfect, and Severus's voice is very real and vivid. This is the way that it could have happened, it really is ... and now I will stop myself before I say too much. :D

Go and read!
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[insanejournal.com profile] smut_swap has started posting, and the first gift is mine! It's Dystopiary Deluxe (Snarry, NC-17), and it's perfect. Hot and sweet and funny and perfect ... because I am nice, I will share it with you and let you all read it, but it is mine, I tell you, all mine. :D

*runs off, gloating and cuddling fic*

What a brilliant start to the New Year!
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Being snowed in means that I get lots of hot chocolate and lots of time to read ... so. Recs-spam. Don't tell my boss that I was doing this instead of working this weekend, okay?

cut because I was behind for a week, so there's an awful lot of them )

Also, please remember to read over at [insanejournal.com profile] snarry_holidays (and leave reviews for the authors and artists who have worked so hard!) ... we'll be wrapping up posting this week. I can't believe it's almost over!
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Okay, I am feeling yucky and so I'm going to do just fly-by recs before I go to bed ... they are all fabulous, and you should totally read them even if I am too lame to give detailed reasons about why they are fabulous. Okay?

From [insanejournal.com profile] hd_holidays


The Price We Pay for Wings


And from [insanejournal.com profile] merry_smutmas

On a Sure Foundation

They're all OMGsowonderful-fullofsqueeandhappiness, and yeah ... off to get some sleep now.
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Am still insanely behind on reading all of these ... but here's a nonrepresentative sample of some of the stories that I've liked so far. Figures not drawn to scale, statistical significance unknown, etc.

From [insanejournal.com profile] merry_smutmas:

Waiting for the Sun, Bill/Harry, NC-17. Gorgeous, just really well-written, and beautiful, beautiful characterization.

Light on in Winter, Remus/Harry, R. A beautiful little glimpse into a story, with just enough hints at backstory to satisfy the beginnings of imagination, and a really fantastic atmosphere to it all.

From [insanejournal.com profile] harry_holidays:

Moments of War, Harry/Snape, NC-17. I don't think I can say anything without spoiling it, really, but this is just fantastic!

Twas the Night Before Christmas, Salazar/Godric, NC-17. Just ... wow, I was happy and bubbly over this one for half an hour, I think. Really wonderfully told, and just the way that I like angst!

And, because I've been so jealous of [insanejournal.com profile] alisanne's lovely words of the day, here's one of my own - well, it isn't mine, but you know what I mean. smust: the dusty combination of smog and ethane on Titan's surface. (reported in Nature, 2006) Too bad it isn't an atmosphere with smog and ethanol ... now that would be a fun place to explore if it were. Provided that the concentration of EtOH wasn't too high, that is.

And on that note, let me recommend some holiday cocktails for those of you who're inclined to so indulge ... *g*
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My gift-fic at [insanejournal.com profile] hp_holidaygen, Into the Night, was posted, and squee! I love it!

I'm an absolute sucker for time-travel fics, especially ones that don't have the cliche of X goes back to the Marauder's time and falls in love with Y - not that some of those aren't wonderful, because they are, but there's no way that I buy there being some sort of hot-spot that all time-turners/spells/potions/whatever orient on ... okay, maybe it's no more unlikely than the idea of a recombinational hotspot, but still. I love creative time-travel fics, and this one ... *happy sigh* ... Oh, I'm just so thrilled! It's funny and believable and the characterisation is beautiful and ... I've had a really really crummy week and this has made me happier than I can describe. Really.

(Because of aforementioned crummy week, I'm way behind on reading my flist, and majorly behind on reading some of the fest fics, and if I haven't commented on your entry/entries, I'm sorry! I will get to it, I swear!)


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