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(because they are For Me, and they are Awesome)

Veiled Science (Sirius/Teddy/Victoire, NC-17, warnings): (Okay, this is hard. I want to flail and glee and grin all over the place, but I also don't want to give away any spoilers ... ack! Bear with me, please!) This is a Really Smart Fic that is (maybe at First Glance) a plot-what-plot fic, but even the most cursory reading of it will make you think Deep Thinky Thoughts about life and death and the afterworld and What-Exactly-Is-Behind-That-Veil-Anyway. And one of those Really Smart Fics that do an amazing job of characterization via seeming plot-what-plot, and the characterization is amazing.

Also, it is Really Hot. Did you see me mention the plot-what-plot bit? Like I said, it is not exactly that, but there is a lot of Things What Maybe Should Be Happening In Bed (or not in bed, as the case may be. But if there was a bed, that would be okay, too.) Really Hot, all right? So mind the warnings, since there are some, and maybe you shouldn't read this if you don't like the warnings (although, you know, it is meant to be Kinky Kristmas, right? So maybe you will like this, Dear Reader! Because - like I said - it is Awesome.)

Persuasion (Pike/Spock, R): Okay, so there are Many Excellent Reasons why you might think of a Jane Austen novel upon reading the title of this fic. (I mean, there are ships and starships, and the title is the same, and all that...) But fortunately, Spock is not A Very Persuadable Silly Girl, the way Anne rather was, and he doesn't let anyone muck up his life for seven years. Because that would be Quite Tragic, and we would have missed out on all the Wonderfulness that happens in this fic.

This is like, perfect Spock. He's clearly alien - and watching Chris figure that out is delightful - and trying to understand human customs, and through it all, he's beautifully characterized. And he and Chris are perfect, the way they come together in this. This is My Sort Of Romance, really, because it is not-too-sappy and not-too-sad, and passes all the other tests that Goldilocks would go through before determining that it is Just Right For Her. (Although ... really, Goldilocks? Too hot? I'm not sure there is such a thing...)

Go! Read! Make the holidays merry and read a lovely story ... and make the authors happy by leaving them a comment! :D


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