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Feb. 5th, 2010 11:45 pm
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Right, so this is just ... temporarily not working for me. January was an absolutely killer month, and February looks like it's going to be even worse. I'm trying to get a paper written and living in constant stress because there's always half of my to-do list that hasn't gotten done, on any given day. I've been losing my keys left and right, I lost my cell phone the other day, and I just posted snapenews to my own journal instead of to the proper comm.

So, yeah ... it's not you, it's me. I'm going on hiatus from now until my life gets better. I will miss you all muchly, but I just need to cut myself away from LJ and fandom because right now, any extra minutes that I can squeeze out of the day are precious like rubies.

You can find me by e-mail or text if you really, really need me, but if you see me around on LJ or IM, please smack me over the head and tell me to get back to work, 'kay?

<33333 you all, hope you all have a fabulous February, and I'll see you on the other side of sanity ... the sane side, hopefully!
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...errr. Anyone enjoying the holiday weekend enough to want to do some beta work for me? You need a break from eggnog and Christmas shopping, riiight? *puppy dog eyes*

These are the things wot I might need a teensy bit of help with:

1. a Kirk/Spock
2. a Remus/Sirius
3. a Sheldon/Leonard

Umm, so these are all for fests, except #3, so I can't give tons of details, but they're like, not at all scary, really. Nothing terribly squicky or sad or scary or anything. I can e-mail you details if you wants them.

Also, there is something that I am midway through writing (well. Not midway. but started, at least) and could use some cheerleading help on. If anyone is extra specially helpful, and wants to have capslocky chat conversations with me. Because capslock is love, and you know, I just need someone to help me focus on ficcage instead of pumpkin cheesecake.

Pleeeeeease? I will <3 you forever!


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