Aug. 13th, 2009

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Now that my story is posted over at [community profile] snarry_games, I feel that I can tell you all about the story that I didn't write. When I was drinking G&Ts, and flailing over my deadline, and [personal profile] carpet_diemon was keeping me company in the big, scary house where I'm cat-sitting and afraid of the ghosts ... this is what she and I brainstormed. With no ghosts, but featuring a guest appearance from one of the cats.

Snarry Games Bunny, or: Why Too Much Star Trek is Bad for your Brain )

*cough* I think the cross-over genre would have been a better choice for that story - or perhaps consigning it to the depths of my "plotbunny" folder and never letting it see the light of day again. :)

(Don't worry - even though it didn't happen this time, I will still write Snape-is-Spock for you someday, [personal profile] ze_dragon... and yes, more Draco/Chekov for [personal profile] femmequixotic, of course. Star Trek fic coming up later, lol.)

Anyhoooo. Did I mention that my [community profile] snarry_games story was posted?

Title: Lust Potion Number Nine
Team: Cauldron
Genre: Alive and Kicking
Prompts: Love And Marriage, Play The Game
Word Count: ~14,000
Summary: Harry Potter was the last person Severus expected to need this particular potion, but the Ministry's Propagation and Restoration Emergency Guidelines have them both trapped in lives they don't particularly want to lead.


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