Oct. 10th, 2009

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At [personal profile] venturous's house in D.C.! (Although I've just been told that we're not in D.C. ... confusing geography is confusing.) Anyhow, I'm somewhere southish and vaguely warmer, where the leaves are still green.

We have had fabulous food (curry and coffee and pancakes and chili and and coffee and chocolate-pumpkin cake, going in chronological order (dinner, breakfast, lunch)) and a lovely walk, and a lot of snuggles with the kitty and the puppies.

Aloysius is here and presiding over all of our slashy talk and giving us disapproving looks whenever things get out of hand (or when things get too PG, lol). I've gotten a fair amount of writing done with his help.

Cheesecake and movies and all sorts of fun later! [personal profile] r_grayjoy is doing most of the live blogging but I will try to update also. :)


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