lesyeuxverts: (Default)
chiraldream ([personal profile] lesyeuxverts) wrote2009-12-03 03:20 pm

Oh hi, is this thing on?

I may have posted my holiday card offer to a filter, or something, I don't know, and these computer things are very tricky to figure out. So I will try this again!

Anyone want a holiday card? Comment with your address (comments screened), preferred holiday (if applicable), and pairing/one-word drabble prompt (though as I said in the earlier post that I may or may not have made, I can't promise anything vis-a-vis drabbles, given that I'm still bogged down in holiday writing ... but I'll definitely try!)

And for everybody I have been missing on IM the past few days - so sorry! I am completely overwhelmed with the ending of the semester and the closing of a chapter in my grad-school life ... putting together a paper. Life is crazy right now, but I will be online (and writing) with you soon, I swear!

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