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Title: If We Had World Enough and Time...
Author: lesyeuxverts
Word Count: 300
Rating: R
Pairing: Jim/Bones
Warnings: Nothing especially
Disclaimer: Not mine – apologies to Andrew Marvell for stealing the line from his poem for a title, and to everyone who owns Star Trek for stealing their characters.
AN: For [personal profile] inell … I'm so sorry you've had such a terrible week, hon! I hope things get better for you soon!
Thanks to [profile] angela_snape for holding my hand and feeding me plot-bunnies, and to [personal profile] r_grayjoy for the once-over.

"Damnit, Jim ... just get naked already."

Jim blinked and started to strip, pulling his uniform off with what appeared to be practiced grace. Leonard didn't think of Jim stripping for other people – he just swallowed, watching the hem of Jim's shirt as it rose and exposed his flesh. He couldn't think of anything other than Jim now, other people be damned.

"Are you sure you want to do this here, Bones?"

"Where else?"

He left his uniform in a heap on the floor, but kept his briefs on – not exactly what Leonard was hoping for.

Hopping up onto his bed, Jim gave him a sly grin. He spread his arms out. "Oh, I don't know … sickbay, maybe? The place where you usually practice medicine and administer hyposprays?"

Every man has his limits, and Leonard was a doctor, not a saint. He tackled Jim, pushing him back onto the blankets and kissing him hard.

"Damnit, Jim, we're off duty."

Having Jim Kirk in his arms was what Leonard had imagined – having all of Jim's attention focused on him was exactly what Leonard had hoped for. "Enough flirting," he said, punctuating every word with a kiss. "Enough pretending that you don't know what you're doing when you brush past me or call me to the bridge for no particular reason at all."

Jim broke free from the kiss long enough to say that he always had a reason, and a very good reason at that, but Leonard kissed him again before he could elaborate on it. Knowing Jim, it was probably more outrageous flattery, and Leonard had had more than enough of that already.

He kissed Jim until they were both breathless and then reached down to put a hand on his briefs. "Now, when I tell you to get naked…"
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