Jun. 15th, 2009

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I have no time to post because I have two conferences this week and not done with the poster for either one yet, damnit. Also, I am thinking about dropping out of grad school and starting a bakery called "Bread Alone." Catchy name, right? It'd be better than purifying effing uncooperative proteins.

Regardless, in my five-minute-break-between-working-on-posters, I wanted to share this because I am geeky it is hilarious:

And here is the real link, if the embedding link doesn't work, because I'd be shocked and amazed if my grasp on technology (i.e. c&p) was good enough to make it work. linky link link

Love you all, miss you muchly, plan on surfacing for air/communication in a few weeks months after the paper/dissertation/post-doc/bakery life, LOL! :)


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