Aug. 18th, 2009

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It's 94F here, and that makes me think longingly of winter. Of how nice it will be to slip on the ice/snow mixture all the way home, because it will be cold enough for water to exist in solid form for more than two seconds. It will be brilliant.

Of course, I'll spend 85% of my time indoors, cursing the cold - but such is the way of things. At least spending 85% of my time indoors will be pleasant, because there are tonnes of fests coming up! So there will be things to read and squee over, and all sorts of fest-y goodness.

After much deliberation, we've decided that [community profile] snarry_holidays is a go this year! Schedule here, rules here. Sign-ups start the 20th, so stay tuned!

[community profile] hp_unfaithful is running an infidelity remix challenge that looks like a blast, so check that out if you're interested in that genre.

[community profile] hd_holidays has sign-ups open already, and you know that's the place to be for lovely winter H/D goodness. :D

Other fests? Shiny? Snow? Air conditioning?

Have you sworn off fests for the year? Far be it from me to break your resolution - head on over to Love A Lurker for a meme, instead, and give some love to the lurkers in your life! :)


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