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2010-05-11 10:53 pm

Snape/Dobby/Squid/Bloody Baron

What is your favorite really rare Snape pairing?

Is there one that you think would just be a good idea, even if you've never seen fic/art/squee for it?

Feel free to have fun in the comments here - link to fun rarepair fics, write comment porn, tell me that I've scarred you for life with the mention of the above pairing.
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2010-04-21 10:57 am

Dear world -- I fail -- Love, Lyv

Dear world,

I would like to apologize for being such a spaz. Apparently I fail at life.

In related news, I have managed to design an experiment that requires me to be in lab at 9:30 AM and 9:30 PM ... every day ... for the next forever. I don't foresee my status changing from "fail at life and fandom" any time soon, but it *is* good motivation to graduate. I'm going to go back to working on that right now.


P.S. Someone please remind me to do some writing in the near future, pretty-pretty-pretty please? With chocolate chip cookie dough truffles on top? Does anyone want to be my writing partner and yell at me until I write?

P.P.S. Is anyone going to con.txt?

P.P.P.S. I wasn't kidding about the chocolate chip cookie dough truffles, those are totally on offer for anyone who can pester me into getting my writing done.

P.P.P.P.S. I'm not dead. In case the fact that I'm posting didn't alert you to that fact. But, I didn't start the entry with that statement, so I wasn't entirely sure that it was clear ... so, hi. I'm not dead. :)
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2010-04-13 08:58 am

Reducing the Coefficient of Friction

I am not what I would call "off hiatus" just yet, because I have a metric ton of work to do this week and next week (and every week for the rest of the year), but Lent is over and I can use LJ again, so here is fic. I will try to be around more often, because I <3 you all and miss you all madly, but I also <3 and miss my coimmunoprecipitations and P1 transductions. A little bit, at least.

Title: Reducing the Coefficient of Friction
Author: Lyv
Beta: [profile] angela_snape
Word Count: ~1k
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Leonard/Sheldon
Warnings: The coefficient of friction, superlubricity, and all manner of things that can be looked up on Wikipedia and misunderstood.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: At some point, what Sheldon wants and what Sheldon needs started to take priority over everything else, the way that Sheldon's restaurant schedule trumps the fact that Leonard sometimes likes a little variation in the order of his meals.

The Coefficient of Friction )
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2010-04-05 02:20 am
Entry tags:

Lyv's Masterlist of Fiction

Adult content disclaimer: You are responsible for reading the warnings and ratings marked on the fics. If you are not of age to read it, or if you think that you will be squicked by the content, please refrain from doing so. Let's keep it simple: I am not responsible for you ... you are responsible for yourself and your actions.

I welcome new friends: please comment or e-mail if you'd like to be added to my friends list. If you add me as a friend, I'll likely add you back as soon as I notice, but that may take longer. :)

And now, voila! A masterlist of everything that I've written (at least, I hope that I've listed it all ... and I'll try to update it on a regular basis.) Some of these are also archived elsewhere, but the link is to the post on IJ. Do please let me know if you find an error anywhere here.

Lyv's Masterlist of Fanfiction )
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2010-02-05 11:45 pm

On hiatus

Right, so this is just ... temporarily not working for me. January was an absolutely killer month, and February looks like it's going to be even worse. I'm trying to get a paper written and living in constant stress because there's always half of my to-do list that hasn't gotten done, on any given day. I've been losing my keys left and right, I lost my cell phone the other day, and I just posted snapenews to my own journal instead of to the proper comm.

So, yeah ... it's not you, it's me. I'm going on hiatus from now until my life gets better. I will miss you all muchly, but I just need to cut myself away from LJ and fandom because right now, any extra minutes that I can squeeze out of the day are precious like rubies.

You can find me by e-mail or text if you really, really need me, but if you see me around on LJ or IM, please smack me over the head and tell me to get back to work, 'kay?

<33333 you all, hope you all have a fabulous February, and I'll see you on the other side of sanity ... the sane side, hopefully!
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2010-01-21 11:39 pm

If We Had World Enough and Time...

Title: If We Had World Enough and Time...
Author: lesyeuxverts
Word Count: 300
Rating: R
Pairing: Jim/Bones
Warnings: Nothing especially
Disclaimer: Not mine – apologies to Andrew Marvell for stealing the line from his poem for a title, and to everyone who owns Star Trek for stealing their characters.
AN: For [personal profile] inell … I'm so sorry you've had such a terrible week, hon! I hope things get better for you soon!
Thanks to [profile] angela_snape for holding my hand and feeding me plot-bunnies, and to [personal profile] r_grayjoy for the once-over.

If We Had World Enough and Time… )
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2010-01-11 12:07 am

Bridge2sickbay ficlets!

Title: Learning to Forgive
Author: lesyeuxverts
Word Count: 328
Rating: PG-13
Characters: McCoy, Pike, Kirk
Prompt: resolving to forgive
Warnings: angsty angst
Disclaimer: Not mine.

Learning to Forgive )

Title: Of Sexy Librarians, Locked Doors, Sandwiches, Gay Bars, and Plant Metaphors
Author: lesyeuxverts
Word Count: 823
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy (side mentions of Spock/Uhura and Sulu/Chekov)
Prompt: the entire crew resolves to get Jim and Bones together
Warnings: Oh noes, a dreaded five things fic!
Disclaimer: Not mine.

Of Sexy Librarians, Locked Doors, Sandwiches, Gay Bars, and Plant Metaphors )
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2009-12-28 11:25 pm

On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

Title: Reason to Remember
Author: lesyeuxverts
Word Count: 900
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Percy/Teddy
Prompt: amnesia, sweater, wanking
Disclaimer: Not mine.

Reason to Remember )
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2009-12-27 12:38 pm

On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

*ahem* ... Okay, I wasn't going to write this pairing at all (not for this prompt table, certainly) ... but then I saw the movie, and ... well ...

*makes puppy-dog eyes* Forgive me, dearest f-list? :)

Title: To Forget a Thousand Truths
Author: lesyeuxverts
Word Count: 700
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Holmes/Watson
Prompt: wine, unrequited love
Warnings: movie spoilers
Disclaimer: Not mine.

To Forget a Thousand Truths )
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2009-12-26 11:07 am

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

Title: The Amatory Gambling Scenario
Author: lesyeuxverts
Word Count: 500
Rating: PG/13
Pairing: Sheldon/Leonard
Prompt: The Bet, kissing, chocolate
Warnings: spoilers for season 2
Disclaimer: Not mine.

The Amatory Gambling Scenario )
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2009-12-25 11:00 pm

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

Title: And Hoped For More
Author: lesyeuxverts
Word Count: 300
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Charles/Sebastian
Prompt: unrequited love, letter
Disclaimer: Not mine.

And Hoped For More )
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2009-12-22 11:06 am

A second batch of holiday recs :)

I meant to post these weekly, but then Yuletide ate my brain, and ... what do you mean, it isn't the second week of December still?

Usual disclaimer applies - I am still majorly behind in reading for many of these fests, but here's what I especially liked out of what I've read so far!

Best Mates XMas )

Happy Trekmas )

HD Holidays )

HP Holidaygen )

Kinky Kristmas )

K/S Advent Calendar )

RS Small Gifts )

Smutty Claus )

Snapelyholidays )

Snupin Santa )

Yule Balls )

As always, do please let the creators of these works know if you've enjoyed them ... and if there's anything fabulous that I've missed, do please let me know about that! :)
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2009-12-15 11:03 pm

Two Things What You Should Read

(because they are For Me, and they are Awesome)

Veiled Science (Sirius/Teddy/Victoire, NC-17, warnings): (Okay, this is hard. I want to flail and glee and grin all over the place, but I also don't want to give away any spoilers ... ack! Bear with me, please!) This is a Really Smart Fic that is (maybe at First Glance) a plot-what-plot fic, but even the most cursory reading of it will make you think Deep Thinky Thoughts about life and death and the afterworld and What-Exactly-Is-Behind-That-Veil-Anyway. And one of those Really Smart Fics that do an amazing job of characterization via seeming plot-what-plot, and the characterization is amazing.

Also, it is Really Hot. Did you see me mention the plot-what-plot bit? Like I said, it is not exactly that, but there is a lot of Things What Maybe Should Be Happening In Bed (or not in bed, as the case may be. But if there was a bed, that would be okay, too.) Really Hot, all right? So mind the warnings, since there are some, and maybe you shouldn't read this if you don't like the warnings (although, you know, it is meant to be Kinky Kristmas, right? So maybe you will like this, Dear Reader! Because - like I said - it is Awesome.)

Persuasion (Pike/Spock, R): Okay, so there are Many Excellent Reasons why you might think of a Jane Austen novel upon reading the title of this fic. (I mean, there are ships and starships, and the title is the same, and all that...) But fortunately, Spock is not A Very Persuadable Silly Girl, the way Anne rather was, and he doesn't let anyone muck up his life for seven years. Because that would be Quite Tragic, and we would have missed out on all the Wonderfulness that happens in this fic.

This is like, perfect Spock. He's clearly alien - and watching Chris figure that out is delightful - and trying to understand human customs, and through it all, he's beautifully characterized. And he and Chris are perfect, the way they come together in this. This is My Sort Of Romance, really, because it is not-too-sappy and not-too-sad, and passes all the other tests that Goldilocks would go through before determining that it is Just Right For Her. (Although ... really, Goldilocks? Too hot? I'm not sure there is such a thing...)

Go! Read! Make the holidays merry and read a lovely story ... and make the authors happy by leaving them a comment! :D
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2009-12-15 10:25 pm

Sleep to Wake

Title: Sleep to Wake
Author: [personal profile] lesyeuxverts
Beta: [personal profile] leela_cat
Series: STXI
Rating: R
Length: 1.6k
Warnings: none that I know of
Summary: "I have dreamed in my life, dreams that have stayed with me ever after, and changed my ideas; they have gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the color of my mind."
AN: Quotes from the following poems: I Knew a Woman (T. Roethke); The Hollow Men (T.S. Eliot); Names, Places, Streets, Faces: The Universe in Flame (O. Paz); The Waking (T. Roethke), all in italics. The summary is from E. Bronte's Wuthering Heights and the title, of course, also owes itself to Roethke, although it is not a direct quote.

Sleep to Wake )
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2009-12-14 10:47 pm

Procrastinatory Lyv is procrastinatory

Eeep. Anyone around and up for a super-speedy beta? Star Trek XI, Kirk/Spock, ~1.5k ...

*flutters eyelashes* Please? <3
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2009-12-08 10:11 pm
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2009 Holiday Rec Post I

By the time I had got home and had some dinner, I was feeling better enough to tackle the recs post that I'd been meaning to make! (Comment porn later, when I'm feeling poorly again - thanks for the prompts, guys! <3)

Fest season has been a blast, even though it's been a little challenging to keep up with it all! Here's my recs so far ... keep in mind that I'm not necessarily caught up with every fest just now, so this is not necessarily complete.

Best Mates Xmas )

HP Holiday Gen )

HD Holidays )

RS Small Gifts )

Smutty Claus )

Snupin Santa )

Snapelyholidays )

Yule Balls )
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2009-12-03 03:20 pm

Oh hi, is this thing on?

I may have posted my holiday card offer to a filter, or something, I don't know, and these computer things are very tricky to figure out. So I will try this again!

Anyone want a holiday card? Comment with your address (comments screened), preferred holiday (if applicable), and pairing/one-word drabble prompt (though as I said in the earlier post that I may or may not have made, I can't promise anything vis-a-vis drabbles, given that I'm still bogged down in holiday writing ... but I'll definitely try!)

And for everybody I have been missing on IM the past few days - so sorry! I am completely overwhelmed with the ending of the semester and the closing of a chapter in my grad-school life ... putting together a paper. Life is crazy right now, but I will be online (and writing) with you soon, I swear!
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2009-11-28 12:03 pm

In which Lyv is a needy, needy thing...

...errr. Anyone enjoying the holiday weekend enough to want to do some beta work for me? You need a break from eggnog and Christmas shopping, riiight? *puppy dog eyes*

These are the things wot I might need a teensy bit of help with:

1. a Kirk/Spock
2. a Remus/Sirius
3. a Sheldon/Leonard

Umm, so these are all for fests, except #3, so I can't give tons of details, but they're like, not at all scary, really. Nothing terribly squicky or sad or scary or anything. I can e-mail you details if you wants them.

Also, there is something that I am midway through writing (well. Not midway. but started, at least) and could use some cheerleading help on. If anyone is extra specially helpful, and wants to have capslocky chat conversations with me. Because capslock is love, and you know, I just need someone to help me focus on ficcage instead of pumpkin cheesecake.

Pleeeeeease? I will <3 you forever!
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2009-11-16 09:55 pm

Get out your dictionaries!

and hop on over to [personal profile] r_grayjoy's post! WORST WORDS TO USE WHILE WRITING A SEX SCENE (with some truly hideous comment!porn from yours truly) ... come and join in the fun and help me procrastinate on my NaNo novel!

Come on, seriously. I bet you can top "pustulent" ... can't you?
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2009-11-15 12:46 am

Fic repost: Lust Potion Number Nine

Title: Lust Potion Number Nine
Author: lesyeuxverts
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Harry/Severus, with mention of Harry/Ginny, Harry/Viktor, and Harry/unspecified male 
Word Count: ~14k
Summary: Harry Potter was the last person Severus expected to need this particular potion, but the Ministry's Propagation and Restoration Emergency Guidelines have them both trapped in lives they don't particularly want to lead.
A/N: Please note that this is intended to be AU with regards to the timing of the epilogue; Harry and Ginny were married immediately after the war, rather than several years later.
Written for the 2009 Snarry Games, in the Alive&Kicking Genre and for the Love&Marrage and Play The Game prompts.

Nothing which you recognize from the HP universe belongs to me, alas. The boys would have so much more fun with me…

Huge thanks to jin_fenghuang, rgrayjoy, and carpet_diemon for all of the help, support, and brainstorming while I wrote; to my teammates for the support, encouragement, and concrit; to odogoddess, jin_fenghuang, and angela_snape for being the best beta-readers a girl could ask for; and to the mods, for putting on such fabulous fest and being extraordinarily patient with me. Thank you all so much!


Lust Potion Number Nine )